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    Position:Business Pperation
      Established in 1987, Jun-En has the world’s richest experience in producing, researching, developing and selling metal mesh machinery and products. We have established long-term regular business relationship with enterprises such as air-conditioning plant companies, filter companies, construction companies, furniture companies and curtain wall companies. We are familiar with technical requirements of mesh plates and metal mesh such as air-conditioning plant, filter, equipment for construction site, acoustic panel for building, mesh frame and fence for all purposes. 60% of Jun-En’s machinery and metal mesh products are exported to industrially advanced countries including Japan, America, West Europe and Middle East. The remaining 40% are sold in domestic market. We have high share in domestic market and we enjoy favorable comments and acknowledgment.

    Business scope: All kinds of metal mesh plate and metal mesh machinery.

    Purposes: All kinds of precision air filters, precision gasoline and oil filter, stationery, all kinds of rims, mesh for concrete reinforcement, special precision industry, power grid for battery, mesh door, mesh frame and protective mesh for appliances, interior and exterior decoration, sky bridge for factories and construction sites, road laying and outdoor bars.

    Specification of mesh plate: Mould mesh has many specifications. For special specification, please contact us.

    Product Material: cold steel, hot steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, plastic, PVC processing board ... other kinds of metal materials.
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    Copyright: 2009 JUN-EN METAL MESH(KUNSHAN)CO.,LTD ICP NO:11059314
    Tel:+86-512-57996000 Fax:+86-512-57991234
    Add:Jinsong Road 120#,New&Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Kunshan, Jiangsu province, China.
    东京热 一本道